Power Africa in South Sudan


South Sudan Electricity Profile: 2,100mw currently installed, 1% access

South Sudan has the lowest electricity consumption per capita in sub-Saharan Africa, due in part to its underdeveloped energy infrastructure, which has been severely impacted by decades of conflict. The investment in power generation and transmission infrastructure is considered a priority by the government; however, securing the intensive capital required from both public and private sector financiers remains a critical challenge. The future of the country’s electricity generation looks to be dominated by hydropower, as the country has the capacity for up to 2,100 MW; however, proposed projects must be funded before progress can be made. Based on 2013 data, only 1% of the country has access to grid electricity, due to the low level of power generation and the insufficient distribution network. 4% of urban areas are connected to power, but these areas are subject to load shedding and forced power outages.