Power Africa in Namibia


Namibia Electricity Profile: 500mw currently installed, 32% access, 17% rural access

The power sector in Namibia has undertaken a number of reforms aimed at attracting IPPs by providing a stable investment environment. Such reforms include the horizontal unbundling of regional distribution companies and the establishment of transparent tariff setting procedures, all overseen by the sector regulator, the Electricity Control Board (ECB). While the country’s generation mix is comprised primarily of hydropower, the majority of electricity is imported from Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP). Recently, the Government of Namibia has taken steps to increase generation from other generation sources through a renewable energy feed-in-tariff (REFIT) for a total of 70 MWs and an upcoming solar procurement for 37 MWs. With the support of USAID, the REFIT was adopted by ECB to grant 14 licenses to IPP developers for 5 MW projects by establishing a predictable enabling environment for renewable energy integration.