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  • USAID works with small-scale producers to increase productivity, enhance the availability and effectiveness of support services and improve access to competitive markets.

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  • USAID supports Ugandan education and linguistic experts to produce reading materials in English and 12 local languages and to develop methodologies for teaching literacy in children’s mother tongues in the early school grades.

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  • USAID is developing innovative ways to help the Ugandan economy thrive in a fast-changing world.

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  • USAID works with the government, the private sector and the people of Uganda to improve health and health systems, increase access to quality health services and encourage healthy behaviors.

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Ayugi Stella, advocate for women's land rights in Uganda
Ensuring Equal Rights to Land in Northern Uganda
Behind Every Number there is a Story
Behind Every Number there is a Story
Uganda Mercy Corps
Smallholder Farmers in Uganda Profit by Linking to Markets

About Uganda

USAID began its assistance to Uganda immediately after its independence in 1962, recognizing the country’s potential as a “bread basket” of Africa, with its rich natural resources, and significant rural population. Priorities have evolved over the past five decades, and we remain committed to improving Ugandans’ livelihoods. 

Today, our wide-ranging work supports U.S. policy objectives in peace and security, democracy and governance, health and education, economic growth, and humanitarian assistance.


Uganda Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2017-2021

Report to the Ugandan People: From the U.S. Mission to Uganda

Assistance Provided to Uganda

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