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  • Senegal's millet farmers triple yields with new technology

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  • USAID-trained community Health volunteer Mbène Dionne weighs village babies to ensure they are not underweight. Photo: /Amy Fowler, USAID

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  • USAID has partnered with Senegal's Ministry of Education to construct more than 104 middle schools since 2010. Photo: Michelle Barrrett, USAID

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  • USAID recruited and trained over 400 community-based service providers to act as an intermediary between farmers and private companies in Senegal’s most food-insecure areas. Photo: Stephane Tourné

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Oumar Niasse with samples of different varieties of millet.
Senegal's Millet Farmers Triple Yields With New Technology
A herder celebrates the return of a stolen cow.
Collaboration Prevents Cattle Theft in Senegal
Maimouna Ba explains the female condom to a UCAD student.
Educating Senegal’s University Students About Reproductive Health

About Senegal

In the past decade, Senegal has progressed significantly both economically and politically as a moderate, democratic, predominantly Muslim country in fragile West Africa. However, poor infrastructure, longstanding underinvestment, and an inhibiting policy environment continue to challenge growth. 
With the Government of Senegal, USAID improves lives by creating jobs, improving access to education and health care, strengthening democratic institutions, and developing the agriculture sector to increase production and incomes. 

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