Power Africa in Burundi


Burundi Electricity Profile: 55mw currently installed, 5% access, 2% rural

The majority of Burundi’s existing 34 MW capacity comes from domestic hydropower, with the remainder coming from 6 MW of installed thermal capacity, one grid-connected 400 kWp solar plant and imported hydro energy from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Burundi possesses wind generation potential, and the government is studying these options along with potential geothermal and biomass. Electricity supply services are provided through the vertically integrated utility Régie de Production et de Distribution d'Eau et d'Electricité (REGIDESO).  Demand in Burundi is expected to top 100 MW by 2020. Based on 2013 data, Burundi’s national electrification rate reached 5%, (2% in rural areas, 28% in urban areas).



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