Power Africa in the Republic of Congo


Republic of Congo Electricity Profile: 600mw currently installed, 42% access, 5% rural access

The Republic of Congo’s energy supply is highly dependent on gas (350 MW), hydropower (209 MW), and diesel (41 MW). The country aims to increase its power generation capacity to meet demand, and recently invested in the 120 MW Imboulou hydropower plant, a 30 MW thermal power plant, as well as two 300 MW turbine gas power plants. Due to the deterioration of transmission and distribution facilities, the quality of supplied electricity is poor, and frequently experiences load shedding. The losses in the distribution network stand at above 50%, and the national utility Société Nationale d’Electricité (SNE) must improve its low collection rates, low electricity tariffs and high electricity losses. Based on 2013 data, the Republic of Congo’s national electrification rate reached 42%, (5% in rural areas, 62% in urban areas). 



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