Power Africa in Guinea Bissau


Guinea-Bissau Electricity Profile: 26mw currently installed, 21% access, 6% rural

Guinea Bissau’s electricity grid, managed by the state-run National Electricity and Water Corporation (EAGB, its acronym in French), experiences frequent outages and has total technical and commercial losses of 47%. Poor maintenance and planning has resulted in a total grid capacity of only 5 MW, and an electricity tariff equivalent to US$0.40/kWh. Consequently, most large consumers rely on gasoline or diesel generators or other independent sources of electricity, though these may cost up to four times the national tariff. A 2010 reform strategy focused on increasing generation capacity and improving operational performance has been overshadowed by political turmoil. Based on 2013 data, Guinea Bissau’s national electrification rate reached 21%, (6% in rural areas and 37% in urban areas).