USAID is dedicated to protecting the integrity of our foreign assistance efforts and the taxpayer funds entrusted to us to save lives and improve livelihoods. USAID partners with entities and individuals that are considered presently responsible. The notion of present responsibility considers whether a partner has the capability, integrity, and management to implement federal funds.  

The Compliance Division in the Office of Management Policy, Budget and Performance serves to:

  • Track compliance with U.S. federal regulations by partner organizations or individuals working directly with USAID
  • Take suspension and/or debarment actions against firms, organizations, and/or individuals that are not presently responsible
  • Evaluate contractor or grantee disclosures of organizational or compliance issues
  • Manage corrective actions with partner entities
  • Track trends in partner performance issues
  • Conduct outreach at the missions with both staff and USAID partners
  • Adjudicate disputes and appeals to the Assistance Executive under grants and cooperative agreements

The Compliance Division works closely with the USAID Office of Inspector General (OIG) and other USG oversight bodies on waste, fraud, and abuse matters. The division proactively manages alleged reports of non-compliance or ethical concerns associated with USAID development partners.

You can contact the Compliance Division at

System for Award Management

To determine if an organization, firm, or individual has been suspended or debarred from receiving U.S. government funds, visit the official System for Award Management at

What is a USAID Partner?

A USAID partner is any entity or individual who enters into a contract and/or agreement with USAID to support the achievement of our foreign assistance goals via our overseas development programs. We expect our development partners to act in the spirit of partnership while delivering effective and sustainable development solutions to the beneficiaries we work with in more than 100 countries worldwide. We expect the USAID partner to take all steps necessary to ensure integrity within their organization, systems and personnel, and to meet the compliance standards of the U.S. government.