Power Africa in Mozambique


Mozambique Electricity Profile: 2,400mw currently installed, 39% access, 26% rural access

Electricity generation in Mozambique is dominated by hydropower, which is used to meet the country’s own demand, as well as for export to neighboring South Africa and Zimbabwe. Despite ongoing hydropower development, it is not fast enough to keep pace with export commitments and domestic demand growing at 12.5% per year.  Mozambique’s future generation capacity is likely to incorporate more fossil fuels due to its large coal deposits and recent discoveries of offshore natural gas. While these resources are being pursued, the Government of Mozambique has also established a Renewable Energy Policy targeting solar, wind, mini-hydro and biomass, though no fiscal incentives are currently in place. Based on 2013 data, Mozambique’s national electrification rate reached 39% (26% in rural areas, 66% in urban area).