Power Africa in Gabon


Gabon Electricity Profile: 400mw currently installed, 89% access, 38% rural

The Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Hydrocarbons and the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources share responsibility for the energy sector. SEEG is the national electricity and water service company of Gabon, which since 1997 has a 20 year concession and is 51% owned by the French company Veolia. The Gabon government has already started conversations for a concession beyond 2017. As of January 2016, SEEG has a combined installed capacity of hydro and thermal plants of 443 MW with 40%  of power coming from renewable energy. The current installed network extends 47,000km providing power to 49 cities around the country.

The Poubara dam is the largest power plant with an installed capacity of 160 MW. Other  hydro projects currently in planning or construction include: Ngoulmendjim dam (115 MW), Empress Eugenie Falls dam (84 MW) and FE2 Falls dam (36 MW). Important policies related to Gabon’s current green growth include the PSGE (Emerging Gabon Strategic Plan), which the government of Gabon started implementing in 2010 and has been the base for the “Green Gabon” economy. Gabon’s national electrification rate is 89% with fewer than 200,000 people without access to electricity. Based on 2013 data, Gabon’s national electrification rate reached 89% (38% in rural areas, 97% in urban areas).