Guidelines for Proposals

Title of Document Size/Type Date of Revision
April 2017 USAID/OFDA Guidelines for Proposals 3mb PDF April 2017
April 2017 USAID/OFDA Guidelines for Proposals - French Version 3mb PDF April 2017
April 2017 USAID/OFDA Guidelines for Proposals - Spanish Version 3mb PDF April 2017
Checklist of Required Elements 76kb PDF June 12, 2014
Proposal Summary Template 31kb DOC March 19, 2014
New Vendor Information Form 158kb PDF July 8, 2004
Voluntary Survey on Faith-based and Community Organizations 294kb PDF June 29, 2004
Certifications and Assurances 290kb PDF June 5th, 2017
Trafficking in Persons Annual Certification 226kb PDF September 15th, 2016
USAID Branding and Graphic Standards Manual URL July 12th, 2016
Branding Strategy Review Form 123kb PDF September 20, 2012
Marking Plan Review Form 97kb PDF September 20, 2012
Self-certification Guidance and Template 42kb PDF September 20, 2012
SF-424, A, B, C, D Instructions
SF-424 264kb PDF June 14, 2017
SF-424a 316kb PDF June 24, 2016
SF-424b 89kb PDF June 24, 2016
SF-424c 166kb PDF June 24, 2016
SF-424d 89kb PDF June 24, 2016
SF-425 267kb PDF June 14, 2017
Sample Detailed Budget 88kb XLS December 22, 2013
Sample Budget Narrative 58kb DOC November 8, 2012
Guidance on Cost Pooling 41kb XLS November , 2012
Pipeline Analysis 31kb XLS November 8, 2012
Seed Grower Certification FormAgriculture Annex A 105kb PDF October 1, 2012
Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLIN) Request TemplateHealth Annex A 403kb PDF February 2, 2015
USAID-OFDA PHEIC IndicatorsHealth Annex C 160kb PDF April 6, 2017
Health Guidance Memo for PartnersHealth Annex B 137kb PDF May 12, 2014
Plastic Sheeting ComparisonLogistics Annex A 196kb PDF October 1, 2012
USAID/OFDA Essential Medicines List (EML) 819kb PDF March 16, 2016
DefinitionsPharmaceutical Annex A 531kb PDF January 19, 2016
ProceduresPharmaceutical Annex B 498kb PDF January 19, 2016
Request TemplatePharmaceutical Annex C 40kb DOC January 19, 2016
ListingPharmaceutical Annex D 43kb DOC January 19, 2016
Non-prequalified WholesalerPharmaceutical Annex E 40kb PDF January 19, 2016
Veterinary MedicinesPharmaceutical Annex F 178kb PDF January 10, 2014
Prequalified WholesalersPharmaceutical Annex G 301kb PDF December 29, 2016
Guidance for Protection & Code of Conduct Requirements 389kb PDF June 2013
Fuel-Efficient Stove Programs in Humanitarian Settings: An Implementer’s Toolkit 15.14mb PDF  
Sample Baseline Data TableWASH Annex A 36kb PDF October 1, 2012
Indicator MatrixWASH Annex B 86kb PDF October 1, 2012