Providing Safe & Secure Environments for Development

Countries weak in government effectiveness, rule of law, and control of corruption have a 30 to 45 percent higher risk of civil war and significantly higher risk of extreme criminal violence than other developing countries.

Lawlessness and armed violence:

  • Impede economic growth
  • Destroy human and physical capital
  • Redirect resources from productive use

A stable and secure environment is central to the realization of all USAID’s development goals.  Promoting effective and responsible governance of the security sector in all its manifestations is a critical element of any program designed to help societies evolve in more secure, democratic and prosperous ways.

Developing countries account for more than half of all armed conflict globally.  Escalating crime in these already fragile states further impedes their emergence from poverty and instability. At the same time, poverty creates fertile conditions for crime, terrorism, and trafficking. 

Citizens from these countries have themselves ranked safety, security and justice as their primary concerns.  Security-sector reform and the post-conflict reintegration of ex-combatants help create conditions that will enable these states to chart a positive path towards peace so that recovery and development can begin.

USAID assists partner governments to:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for their citizens through interventions that enhance citizen security.
  • Increase democratic governance of the security sector.
  • Promote linkages between security and justice. 

USAID works closely with other U.S. Government entities and international partners to provide comprehensive responses to the multifaceted challenges that our partners face.

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