“[O]ur Power Africa initiative has been leveraging private capital to invest in electrification all across the continent...Financing, the transactions have been completed, plans are underway, and the work is being done -- now we’re going to start seeing thousands, then ten of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, and then ultimately millions of households all across this continent with electrical power that can boost productivity and economic growth all across the continent.” -- Remarks by President Obama during visit to the Power Africa Innovation Fair, Nairobi, Kenya, July 26, 2015

By Andrew M. Herscowitz

While the past few have months zipped by, there’s no question that we -- Power Africa, our partners and supporters -- have come a long way, together. President Obama’s visit to the Power Africa Innovation Fair as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi highlighted the importance of our shared efforts, not only for the future and success of the African continent, but for the future and security of our planet.

The clearest evidence that our work is making a difference comes from our partners on the ground. Last month, President Obama met with our partners from M-KOPA, Solar Sister, d.Light, Mibawa, Afrisol and Pfoofy to demonstrate how far we’ve come in eradicating kerosene in East Africa. Their ideas and innovations wowed the President, Members of Congress, investors, and international media. These companies, and more than 100 others, work hand-in-hand with us each day to help us meet Power Africa’s ambitious goals.

For another perspective on Power Africa’s reach and impact, we can look back at accomplishments from the past year. But we are also looking forward, as we continue to break new ground on projects, close on financial commitments, and bring new megawatts and new connections online. Some recent successes:

As Power Africa moves forward -- always together -- we must pause to thank everyone who plays a role in the quest to bring more reliable, cleaner, electricity to the people of Africa. We especially thank the President of the United States, Members of Congress, our collaborating agencies and departments, our partners, and our newsletter subscribers who all share the same contagious enthusiasm to provide electricity for millions of people. We will achieve our goals, and I’ve never felt more confident about that than I do today.



Andrew M. Herscowitz
Coordinator for Power Africa