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Teresia Turns on the Light

Teresia Olotai knows that life can be hard for Maasai women. When the sun goes down, their responsibilities remain, but the obstacles grow. That all changed in 2013 when Power Africa arrived. Electricity has brought more than just light to Lobulu bona. It’s given the Maasai a door to the world. Read More





Biogas Turns Trash to Treasure

Is one man’s waste, another man’s power? If you ask Kenyan entrepreneur, Amos Nguru, the answer is yes. While solar and wind power are popular sustainable energy sources in Africa, Amos is hedging his bets on another source - biogas, a byproduct of human waste. At his home in Kiserian, Amos elevates bio-digesting —- or the breakdown of waste byproducts into biogas that can be converted to energy, into a sustainable art form. Read More



USAID Powers Bomas in Tanzania 

Tanzania‘s rural population makes up almost 70 percent of the country. Of this rural population, just one out of 10 have access to electricity. Power Africa is supporting new photovoltaic “micro-grids” for Maasai bomas, or settlements. With power for the first time, children can study at night, cell phones can be charged in case of emergencies, refrigerators used to keep medicine and milk cold and used to deter intruders from a community‘s cattle at night. See More





Storify: POTUS in Africa

In July 2015, President Obama spent four days in Kenya and Ethiopia to see how U.S. development efforts -- including those of USAID -- have helped transform communities by accelerating economic growth, strengthening democratic institutions and improving security. See highlights from the trip.







Behind the Lens: Photographing the President in Kenya, again

Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza, documents President Obama’s trip to Kenya in July 2015, which included a visit to the Power Africa Innovation Fair in Nairobi. Read More





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