Power Africa Quarterly Newsletter June 2016

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The Coordinator's Corner: Notes from the Field

Our collective work in June — including very productive events at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto and the Africa Energy Forum in London — yielded a number of successes. Power Africa and partners signed new deals to advance renewable power projects in Nigeria, and celebrated the announcement of $0.06 solar in Zambia. > Read More


Ushering in Ghana’s Gas Revolution

The Honorable Benjamin Dagadu (second from left), Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Petroleum, visits a fabrication site in the western region of Ghana When Honorable Ben Dagadu was a young boy growing up in a small village in Ghana’s Volta Region, electricity was a luxury most lived without. “Each house had maybe one lantern,” he recalled. “Our parents would use the lantern for light when they cooked, so you couldn’t use it to do your schoolwork and study at night.”> Read More

Challenging Innovators to Turn the Power On in Africa

Photo of Andre and his familySix hundred million. That is the number of Africans who do not have access to electricity. Imagine what this might be like. No street lights to help you find your way home after dark. No place to charge your computer or cell phone. No way to read a book before bed or have your kids do their homework. No refrigerator to stick your hand in to grab a cold drink or keep your food from turning bad. > Read more

Powering and Empowering Angola

Carlos (“Charlie”) Mateus works on a gas turbine hot section replacement at the Rocha Pinto plant. Mateus is one of more than 50 Angolans hired and trained by APR Energy to help maintain and operate its two power plants in Luanda. As a central part of the U.S. Government’s new model of development, Power Africa encourages the private sector to play a leading role in projects that advance development outcomes. In Angola, Power Africa partner APR Energy is demonstrating the success of this model by empowering people and building local capacity. > Read more

Assessing South Africa’s Energy Storage Market

South African delegates learn about the Primus Power EnergyPod,  a zinc-flow battery technology designed for megawatt-scale energy storage, at the Primus Power facilities  in Hayward, California. Power Africa’s work – from bringing new renewable and gas-fired energy online, to improving electricity transmission and distribution – helps identify emerging energy needs on the continent, as well as the emerging technologies that can meet those needs. > Read more

Power Africa in the News

Read the latest global media coverage of Power Africa, our partners, and the African energy sector. > Read More


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