Power Africa Quarterly Newsletter February 2016

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The Coordinator's Corner: Notes from the Field

Since launching the Power Africa Roadmap and the Power Africa Tracking Tool (soon to be available for Android) in late January, we’ve received a remarkable number of responses and great feedback from you and colleagues around the world. These conversations have energized us, and we thank you for your continued engagement. > Read More


Buying Smarter to Build Better Energy Infrastructure in Ethiopia

Increase capacity by 30,000mwBuilding and improving a nationwide energy network requires investment in an array of infrastructure. Making the right investments can increase access to electricity and enhance economic growth. In Ethiopia, the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is helping the national power company develop the expertise to make smart public procurement decisions for the long-term benefit of the country. > Read More

Power in Beauty: Turning Waterfalls into Watts in Rural Kenya

Participants at a Power Africa conferenceAt the edge of Mt. Kenya National Forest, secluded by dense wilderness, is the rural Kenyan market center of Mutunguru. Those who live in the small villages surrounding Mutunguru enjoy stunning views of green valleys, lush forests, and idyllic waterfalls. But these features have also isolated residents from main roads, and limited access to electricity. > Read more

Advancing the Roles of Women in African Power

Participants at a Power Africa conferenceWhere do women fit in the African energy picture? Everywhere. Not only do women make up more than half of the 600 million people who lack reliable electricity in sub-Saharan Africa, decisions regarding energy often impact women the most. That’s why Power Africa supports projects, programs, and policies that strive to reduce gender inequalities and promote increased participation of women in the African energy sector. > Read more

Scaling Solar in Zambia

Participants at a Power Africa conferenceTo address his country’s electricity needs, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu of Zambia spurred a national program to develop and install at least 600 megawatts (MW) of solar power. Less than a year later, Power Africa and the International Finance Corporation are stepping up to help Zambia meet its goal. > Read more

Power Africa in the News

In Read the latest global media coverage of Power Africa and partners. > Read more


African Energy News

Get access to the latest news about the African energy sector. > Read More


Annual Report

Power Africa‘s Annual Report highlights the progress made in the second year, lessons learned, and the roadmap to a brighter African future. > Download the Report

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Power Africa's Toolbox, now online, provides the resources needed to unlock the power and opportunity of sub-Saharan Africa. > View the Full Toolbox

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AEI/Brookings Conversation

Join USAID Administrator Gayle Smith for a conversation on US Leadership in International Development, March 9 in Washington, DC.