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  • USAID Acting Administrator Wade Warren ready to taste chocolate made with fine flavored cacao

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  • VII Salon del Cacao y Chocolate Peru 2016

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  • Welcome Shipibo dance to the native community Nuevo Saposoa in Ucayali.

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  • Homes at the native community Nuevo Saposoa in Ucayali

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  • Women from Tambo farmers communities

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  • Women receiving digital and financial literacy courses at the Telecenter.

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Pro Decentralization
Pro Decentralization
Digital Inclusion Program in Boqueron.
Digital Inclusion Program in Boqueron
Financial Inclusion program benefits women in the Peruvian jungle
Financial Inclusion program benefits women in the Peruvian jungle

About Peru

Peru is characterized by diverse cultures and one of the most varied geographies in Latin America.  Its half-million square miles are divided into three distinct zones:  the arid coastal desert, the rugged Andean mountains, and the tropical Amazon jungle.  The differences are most pronounced between the coastal desert, which covers only 16 percent of the territory but holds 60 percent of the population and 70 percent of the wealth, and the Amazon Basin, which covers 50 percent of the territory, yet contains only 12 percent of the population and 7 percent of the wealth.  The varied terrain, cultures, and rich natural resources present both opportunities and challenges for Peru’s development.

Working together with the Government of Peru, USAID focuses on programs in alternative development, environment, health, democracy and governance, education, and economic growth. 


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Lawrence Rubey, Mission Director
Av. La Encalada, cuadra 17
Monterrico, Surco
Lima, Peru
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