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USAID partners with Kyrgyzstan to advance CASA 1000 project to improve energy security in the country
USAID partners with Kyrgyzstan to advance CASA 1000 project to improve energy security in the country
Kyrgyz Republic Government Office
USAID builds a stronger economy and increases employment in the Kyrgyz Republic by strengthening business and government so families can build better lives.
Following independence in 1991, Kyrgyzstan began carrying out market reforms, including establishing the business and investment legal and regulatory system. In 1998, Kyrgyzstan became the first Commonwealth of Independent States country to join the World Trade Organization. However, impediments to development remain, including limited foreign investment, high labor migration, corruption and endemic poverty. Approximately one-quarter of the Kyrgyz Republic’s workforce is employed abroad, which has negative social and economic consequences.

USAID’s assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic has helped the country achieve investment climate and legal and regulatory reform to encourage private businesses. USAID supports the Government implement at its Private Sector Roadmap and Export Promotion Strategy to have the greatest impact on business development, economic growth, and job creation. In addition, USAID focuses on developing human and institutional capacity of Kyrgyzstan’s governmental and private sector institutions, key contributors to implementing economic policy reforms.  In particular, USAID works to support the agricultural, tourism, garment and construction material sectors.  By supporting customs reform and modernization, USAID facilitates trade with neighboring countries, a critical factor for this land-locked country. 

USAID also supports the Government in its Energy Security and Efficiency policy agenda. This includes the promotion of energy sector reforms in the short-term to maintain reliable electricity service in Kyrgyzstan, particularly in assuring a secure supply in winter and dry years, as well as in developing a regional energy market that will improve the efficiency of the country’s vast hydropower resources. USAID is also focusing on developing the institutional capacity of the energy sector to implement the Government’s policy objectives to reduce corruption and increase efficiency.

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