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In 2011, USAID supported the publication of a new series of multi-language children's books.
In 2011, USAID supported the publication of a new series of multi-language (Kyrgyz-Uzbek, Kyrgyz-Russian, Kyrgyz-Tajik, and Kyrgyz-English) children’s books and accompanying instructor tool-kits to promote peace, tolerance and respect for diversity.

USAID began its partnership with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in late 1992, soon after the country became independent. USAID has assisted the government to reduce burdens for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our assistance has helped Kyrgyzstan develop and implement the laws, regulations, and infrastructure necessary to establish micro-credit and wholesale lending institutions to enable Kyrgyz business people and farmers to start or expand their businesses. To promote the development of the banking sector, USAID helped strengthen the bank supervision function of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan and supported the country’s transition to international accounting standards, a process that continues. We assist farmers and other stakeholders to better manage local water delivery systems, create a legal market for fertilizer and seed imports, and develop associations that work to improve the business climate for the sector.

USAID provided extensive support in conducting free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections. Over the past 20 years, we have also greatly contributed in developing the most active and vibrant civil society in Central Asia. USAID partners with Kyrgyz state institutions and non-governmental entities to build a more effective judicial system and to strengthen the rule of law.