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Agriculture in Mozambique
USAID supports the government of Mozambique to increase agricultural production and improve the lives of the rural poor.


The USAID office in Brazil is a strategic partnership mission with the Government of Brazil. To maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs, USAID works closely with the Government of Brazil and its key partners in the private sector and civil society. The three focus areas are biodiversity conservation, trilateral cooperation, and public-private partnerships.

Biodiversity Conservation

USAID partners with the Brazilian government and civil society to enhance biodiversity and natural resources conservation in protected areas and indigenous lands in the Brazilian Amazon. Emphasis is placed on science, technology, innovation, and on partnerships to improve biodiversity conservation practices.

Trilateral Cooperation

USAID works with the Brazilian government to improve food security in third countries, including Mozambique, Honduras, and Haiti. The partnerships seek to increase agricultural productivity and improve children’s health and nutrition. They support research activities, renewable energy projects, and trainings for farmers.

Public-Private Partnerships

In partnership with private corporations, USAID strives to develop sustainable solutions supporting biodiversity conservation, and historically, education, workforce development, income generation, women and at-risk youth, as well.