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  • USAID/Brazil supports local communities and indigenous groups working in Amazonian protected areas and indigenous lands to sustainably manage natural resources. Art crafts with natural seeds is a value chain being developed in Tapajos National Forest.

  • Field trials are run at the Umbeluzi Experiment Station of the Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique (IIAM) to study irrigation management options and evaluate the performance of various agricultural products in different seasons.

  • Through trilateral cooperation, open-fire stoves are being replaced by improved eco-stoves in western Honduras. With eco-stoves, tortilla makers enjoy a cleaner and smokeless environment while reducing their consumption of wood.

  • USAID is working in partnership with the Government of Brazil to increase the sustainable public use of National Parks

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  • The United States supports over 80 projects to conserve forests in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, and Caatinga biomes. Projects include technical training on sustainable agriculture practices and recuperation of degraded areas.

Rapid HIV testing
Brazil Works Toward an AIDS-Free Generation
Youth learn how to install solar panels to power a computer center in the rural community of São João.
Training Youth for Energy Jobs
Jamile Ferreira describes her experience finding work at an Enter Jovem conference.
Youth Gain Skills and Find Jobs

About Brazil

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world and the largest in Latin America, has become a great economic power. The country has significantly reduced poverty and unemployment rates. It has diminished its dependence on external resources and is now a major partner in national and international development efforts. Nationally, Brazil continues to address rural poverty, income inequality, and social exclusion.

For more than 50 years, USAID has supported Brazil. Today, USAID works closely with the Brazilian government and civil society to build sustainable socio-economic development solutions. 

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Mission Contact

Michael J. Eddy, Mission Director/Country Representative
American Embassy/Brasilia
Unit 3500 USAID
Distrito Federal

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Dora Plavetic
, DC 

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