USAID & Nike Strategic Partnership – Designed to Move

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Alexandre Alves
+55 61 3312-7203

USAID-Nike Strategic Partnership – Designed to Move

A new report title Designed to Move reveals a growing epidemic of physical inactivity threatening the social and economic prosperity of the world. Presented by Nike, The American College of Sports Medicine, The International Council of Science & Physical Education and several other expert organizations, the report does two things: Consolidates the evidence for urgent action and lays out a simple agenda to solve it. “Designed to Move” details how society has engineered movement out of daily life, leading today’s children to face a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The report calculates that if no action is taken, half of the Chinese and American populations will be physically inactive by 2030 along with a third of British and Brazilian populations, totaling 1 billion people. The report also outlines recommendations for how governments, civil societies, corporations, and individuals, among other, can contribute to the solution.

The cost of physical inactivity drains economies. By 2030, the direct cost alone in China and India will each increase by more than 450 percent. To put these increases in context, the 2030 annual direct costs are expected to be more than China’s current health care budget, and nearly four time what India currently spends on secondary education in a year.

USAID/Brazil is one of the champion and partner in the Designed to Move. Brazilian physical activity dropped 6% in just five years. By 2030, the decline is to estimate to be more than 34%.

USAID/Brazil is committed to act and participate in the program by providing two actions: i) transmit the message to all its partners; ii) support activities that will create an early positive experience for children and integrate physical activity into everyday life.