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Vietnamese higher education faculty experience hands-on, applied project-based learning in the Arizona State University Startup
Vietnamese higher education faculty experience hands-on, applied project-based learning in the Arizona State University Startup Lab.

The Vietnamese education system has achieved laudable results, including a 98 percent literacy rate. However, the demands of a highly competitive global economy require a mix of skills, knowledge and human capital that is being developed with varying quality in Vietnam’s current education system. Shortcomings of the education system include insufficient training for lecturers, inadequate instructional methods and limited education management and administration.

The Government of Vietnam is addressing critical challenges by setting longer-term goals for higher education in its Education Development Strategic Plan 2008-2020, as well as in its Higher Education Reform Agenda. This shows commitment to improving the system in a rapidly changing economic and social environment. USAID works in partnership with Vietnamese universities and the private sector to strengthen education in key sectors.

  • USAID works with Harvard Medical School and eight industry partners to help the health workforce address current and future challenges. In collaboration with three Vietnamese universities in each region of the country, the alliance is improving the quality and effectiveness of medical education through training in modern pedagogy, use of technology and integration of clinical content; improving teaching and learning of key skills necessary to ensure a strong, high quality workforce able to detect, treat and respond to emerging health threats; and developing leadership for continuous and sustainable innovation and improving access and outcomes for socially and economically disadvantaged students, especially ethnic minority doctors and health workers.
  • USAID partners with Arizona State University and a growing number of corporate sponsors and top universities in Vietnam to transform science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education into active, project-based instruction. Our objective is to focus on advancing STEM undergraduate learning outcomes and instructional approaches and pedagogy through an innovative and advanced faculty development program, strengthening higher education policy, and fostering university-private sector collaboration.
  • USAID works with Harvard University’s Ash Center to conduct research, training and policy dialogue efforts on areas of central importance to the Mekong Region, including economic development, the stewardship of natural resources, and the social and economic consequences of the development challenges facing the countries of the Lower Mekong region in the context of environmental change.

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