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Turkmenistan 2016
The USAID sponsored Together for Health program promoted healthy lifestyles during the National “No Tobacco Campaign” in Turkmenistan.

Through demand-driven programs in economic growth, governance and health, USAID supports Turkmenistan in participating more fully in the global economy and controlling the spread of the highly infectious disease tuberculosis. USAID partners with Chevron in Turkmenistan on business and entrepreneurship education and health outreach to at-risk youth.  


On tuberculosis (TB), USAID increases access to prevention services and improves quality of treatment and care. USAID’s health activities work to enhance the ability of health professionals to address multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB and strengthen diagnostics and infection control practices. USAID is also working to introduce a new model of outpatient treatment. In the last 10 years, USAID has contributed to a 32 percent increase in the TB treatment success rate.

Democracy and Governance

USAID supports e-governance technologies to improve service delivery to citizens. USAID also advocates for measures to increase transparency, access to information and the effectiveness of government workers. USAID also helps civil society navigate the country’s legal and institutional framework. Such groups are making significant strides with the government to combat human trafficking.

Economic Growth and Agriculture

USAID supports Turkmenistan in implementing economic reforms focusing on trade and export promotion, private sector development and public financial management. USAID assisted Turkmenistan in implementing a successful accounting reform by helping to develop modern accounting standards and training 4,000 local accountants. USAID also helped create a valuation sector by providing assistance with drafting a law on valuation and establishing five valuation firms. As a result, the real estate sector is undergoing massive privatization by using market-based valuation principles. In agriculture, previous USAID activities have been scaled-up, and local farmers now breed healthier and more productive dairy and beef cows.

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