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Young women review USAID materials at the Turkmenistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs expo.
The Government of Turkmenistan invited USAID to be part of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs expo dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s UN membership.

USAID began its work in Turkmenistan in 1992, soon after the country became independent. Since that time, the American people through USAID have provided programs that support improvements in social services, expansion of access to information, as well as development of markets and improved agriculture. USAID economic growth programs worked with numerous enterprises to improve their productivity and revenues and coordinated with government institutions to modernize management of the energy and banking sectors.

USAID’s work in Turkmenistan is further supported through a public-private partnership with Chevron. Their contribution to USAID programming now represents nearly 20 percent of USAID’s yearly budget in Turkmenistan.  The partnership with Chevron provides technical assistance in agricultural business development for both livestock and horticulture producers; opportunities for young people to acquire practical skills in economics and entrepreneurship to improve service in the oil and gas and tourism sectors; and outreach centers for at-risk youth.