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New Players and Graduation
November/December 2012

New Players and Graduation

New Players In Development

A boy practices reading and writing.
How to Get All Children Reading

People who can read enjoy better health and make more money. By developing skills in literacy, they contribute to creating safer, more stable democracies, and are able to more effectively serve their families and communities.


James Walden (standing) works with students in the design studio in 1962.
Laying the Foundation for Bangladesh’s Architectural Future: An Interview with James Walden

In the early 1960s, James Walden worked on a USAID-supported project to establish Bangladesh’s first school of architecture as part of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). Walden, who now owns his own architecture firm in Stamford, Conn., recently returned to the school to deliver a keynote address at its 50th anniversary commemoration.