Translated Brandmarks

Below are links to the USAID Identity with the tagline, “From the American people,” translated into multiple foreign languages. 

Files on this page are available in print and web colors in the horizontal and vertical formats. Please consult the USAID Graphic Standards Manual for detailed guidance on usage of this mark in print publications and on web pages. Non-scalable file formats are saved at a 600dpi resolution.

To download these files, right-click the link below and select "Save As..." from the menu that appears. The .zip files are in zipped format, and can be opened using a utility such as Winzip

A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z

Acholi [7.2MB]
Afar [8.3MB]
Afrikaans [8.3MB]
Albanian [8.9MB]
Amharic [8.4MB]
Arabic [9.3MB] - Updated 9/2016
Armenian [12.6MB]
Ateso [8.5MB]
Aymara [8.5MB]
Azerbaijani [12.8MB]

Bahasa Indonesia [9.9MB]
Bambara [10.8MB]
Bangla [7.5MB]
Bari [8.1MB]
Belarusian [747kB]
Bemba [8.3MB]
Bicolano [9.9MB]
Bosnian (Cyrillic) [8.1MB]
Bosnian (Latinic) [8.4MB]
Brazilian Portuguese [4.4MB]
Bulgarian [7.4MB]
Burmese [8.5MB]

Cebuano [9.9MB]
Chavacano [10.1MB]
Chishona [8.7MB]
Creole [8.8MB]
Croatian [9.1MB]
Czech [8.1MB]

Dagbani [8.2MB]
Dari [10.8MB]
Dari/Pashto [11MB]
Dhopadhola [8.5MB]
Dinka [8.4MB]

Ewe [8.4MB] 

Farsi [8.2MB]
Filipino [10.5MB]
French [9.3MB]

Ga-Dangme [8.2MB]
Georgian [8.8MB]
Gonja [8.3MB]
Greek [8.6MB]

Hausa [8.2MB]
Hiligaynon [9.8MB]
Hindi [8.3MB]
Hun [8.1MB]

Ilocano [9.9MB]

Joola [10.0MB] 

Kaond [8.2MB]
Kapampangan [9.9MB]
Kaqchikel [8.7MB]
Kazakh [8.9MB]
Khmer [7.5MB]
K'iche [7.9MB]
Kikongo [8.4MB]
Kinywarwanda [7.0MB]
Kirundi [8.5MB]
Korean [6.6MB]
Kyrgyz [9.9MB]
Kusaal [8.3MB]

Langi [8.2MB]
Lao [8.7MB]
Lingala [8.3MB]
Lozi [8.1MB]
Luba [8.2MB]
Luganda [8.4MB]
Lugbara [8.4MB]
Lunda [8.9MB]
Lugisu [8.9MB]
Luo [8.3MB]
Lusamiya [8.5MB]
Lusoga [8.4MB]
Luvale [8.3MB]

Macedonian [8.5MB]
Malagasy [8.6MB]
Mam [8.7MB]
Mampruli [8.0MB]
Mandarin [8.0MB]
Mandinka [10.7MB]
Mongolian [8.2MB]
Moru [7.4MB]
Motu [8.9MB]

Nepali [7.9MB]
Nuer [7.1MB]
Nyanja [8.3MB]

Oromiffa [7.3MB]
Otuho [8.1MB]

Pangasinense [10.0MB]
Pashto [10.8MB]
Pijin [924kB]
Portuguese [8.8MB]
Pulaarn [10.9MB]

Q'eqchi' [8.9MB]
Quechua [8.3MB]

Romanes [8.3MB]
Romanian [10.2MB]
Runyankole [8.3MB]
Russian [3.1MB]
Rutooro [8.3MB]

Serbian [7.4MB]
Serere [10.9MB]
Shilluk [7.9MB]
Sindebele [8.6MB]
Sinhala [8.3MB]
Slovak [8.9MB]
Somali [8.6MB]
Soninke [8.9MB]
Spanish [10.2MB]
Swahili [8.5MB]

Tajik [8.9MB]
Tamil [7.0MB]
Tetum Print [3MB] | Web [1MB]
Thai [8.0MB]
Tigrinya [7.6MB]
TokPisin [9.8MB]
Tonga [8.2MB]
Turkish [8.5MB]
Turkmen [8.4MB]
Twi [8.1MB]

Urdu [8.2MB]
Uzbek [9.1MB]
Ukrainian [9.6MB]

Vietnamese [7.9MB]

Wala [7.8MB]
Waray-Waray [10.0MB]
Wolof [10.0MB]

Xhosa [8.0MB]

Zande [8.3MB]
Zulu [8.0MB]