The following companies are suppliers of the USAID Identity. Please see order forms below for vendor information.


  • DigitizedLogos, Inc.
    ​​USAID-branded merchandise.
    Manager/operator of USAID Store.

    Online merchandise store:

    For specialized or bulk orders contact:
    Yazdani “Dani” Syed
    President, DigitizedLogos, Inc or 301-963-3553.


  • J.M. Wright Company
    ​​Pressure sensitive and vinyl labels​
    Price List (MS Excel)
    Order Form (MS Excel)
  • Gen3Printing, LLC
    ​​​Approved vendor of pressure sensitive vinyl labels​​
    Order Form (PDF)
    Web Site
  • Unz & Co., Inc.
    ​​​​Pressure sensitive and vinyl labels​​​
    Order Form (pdf, 438kb)
  • DigitizedLogos, Inc.
    Approved supplier of pressure sensitive labels
    Web Site