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Transforming Lives

Sarajevo at night: Lighting Bosnia’s Path to the EU with Electricity Reform

One of USAID's first interventions in Bosnia and Herzegovina was to help rebuild the country’s energy infrastructure in 1996. From the bigger cities to the tiniest of villages throughout the country, USAID provided assistance to repair power lines, rebuild substations, and repair and bring power plants back online. 

Immediately upon installation, the new tax collection system identified 6,200 so-called ‘stop filers’, and more than 1,400 of th

When the owners of a local retail company decided to quit paying taxes a couple years ago, they simply stopped filing their tax returns. At the time, the auditing mechanisms used by tax authorities were unable to detect this irregularity, and the company could get away it. Not anymore.  

Alen Jusupovic, 23, and two of the donkeys (Ceca and Cica) on his farm in Zavidovici.

Alen Jusupović, a 23-year-old student of agricultural engineering in Sarajevo, was intrigued by the idea of starting a donkey farm after learning that a similar business was thriving in neighboring countries. In 2012, he set out to have the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

House of Representatives in BiH votes to adopt Whistleblower Protection Law

Before passage of the law on whistleblower protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), employees of state-level institutions who reported corruption would likely incur the wrath of their employers and be fired, like Višnja Marilović of Sarajevo.