Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Economic Growth

Economic Growth Objective:  A competitive, market-oriented economy providing better economic opportunities for all its citizens.

USAID programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) improve economic opportunities and promote a business-friendly environment by supporting efforts to increase competitiveness and productivity, attract investment, and make economic policy reforms.

Efforts to improve economic opportunities target the sectors with the highest growth potential:  agriculture, wood products, tourism, and light manufacturing. Assistance includes marketing BiH as a tourist destination, introducing new technologies in the agriculture sector, promoting marketing linkages, and supporting the use of IT applications to improve efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises.

USAID uses Development Credit Authority credit guarantees to improve access to finance for SMEs and capitalize on technical assistance through other programs. Assistance will reduce or eliminate barriers for businesses, establish a more transparent tax system, create a reliable energy regulatory environment, and promote transparent banking, investment, and insurance policies.