Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Transforming Lives

Copper pendant and dome chandeliers made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now on sale in NYC boutique.
Vladan Blagojevic is a coppersmith in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). His family has been making traditional kettles used in brandy making since 1921, almost 100 years. Today, his copper chandeliers and other Bosnian artisan products are sold in prestigious Manhattan boutiques. 
Husein Taletovic of Rattan Sedia Co., left, receives Golden Plaque and Diploma at Ambienta Trade Fair in Zagreb.
It was a tough competition of nearly 400 exhibitors at the Ambienta 2012 trade fair in Zagreb, Croatia. And a firm from Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina—Rattan Sedia Co.—won the prestigious “Mobil Optimum 2012” Golden Plaque and Diploma award for the design and quality of products from its OPLETTI furniture collection.
USAID/BiH poster to promote day’s events for Fair Play for a Fair Childhood summer 2013 campaign.

A daylong “Fair Play, Fair Childhood” charity basketball event in August 2013 will shine in the hearts and minds of children from around Bosnia and Herzegovina for a long time to come.

MediaCenter intern Mladen Lukic receives the Srdjan Aleksic award for his reporting on LGBT rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Job loss, eviction and social ostracism are just some of the risks that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) individuals in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) encounter when their sexual orientation is revealed. Fear of these risks prevents them from reporting discrimination and bias-motivated crimes to the police or in the media.

Ajdin Dedic (right), 28, and auto upholstery sewer at Prevent auto parts factory in Travnik.

For the first time since graduating from vocational technical high school 10 years ago, Ajdin Dedic has a job as a skilled worker in his hometown of Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina.