Cameroon Peace Promotion Project


The Cameroon Peace Promotion Project is a two-year, $2.5 million initiative to strengthen community cohesion in the conflict-affected North and Far North regions of the country. The project will utilize radio programming and community engagement to improve access to factual information, reinforce community values of peace and tolerance, support moderate voices to mitigate extremist rhetoric, and promote dialogue in vulnerable communities on themes related to conflict

The project is a new component of USAID’s support to the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership, which aims to reduce sympathy and support for violent extremist organizations and improve relationships between government entities and the communities they serve. The Cameroon Peace Promotion Project will train community members and radio producers on conflict reduction and tolerance practices to promote social cohesion. The project will also support local religious, community, and political leaders, youth, and women to identify grievances and highlight community needs vis-a-vis their local governments.

Program Objectives

  • Build the capacity of media outlets in the North and Far North Regions through production, management training and mentoring, on-site facility rehabilitation, staff capacity building, and equipment support.
  • Improve access to quality and credible information by teaching local producers how to create radio shows structured around community engagement and dialogue. These weekly shows will focus on peacebuilding themes and will be supported by community-based listening and discussion groups, community reporters, and a dedicated content advisory group.
  • Support positive dialogue in communities through listening group sessions, interactive feedback platforms feeding into radio production, and community events. Audiences will engage in radio programming through SMS messaging, an interactive voice response system (automated telephone menus), and social media outreach. The community events will be organized by the youth groups, women leaders, and listening groups.
  • Expand the peacebuilding capacity of youth, women, and community and religious leaders by training them in non-violent practices, conflict resolution, and decision-making skills. 


  • The Cameroon Peace Promotion Project was launched in January 2016 following engagement with key Government of Cameroon counterparts.
  • In February 2016, USAID’s implementing partner, Equal Access, conducted an assessment of existing capacity and programmatic opportunities in the North and Far North regions, which will serve as the project baseline.
  • Twelve community radio stations have been identified as project partners. Identification was done in collaboration with UNESCO, which has supported community radio in Northern Cameroon through infrastructure improvement in recent years.
  • The Equal Access project team moved into an office in Yaounde in March 2016 and identified office locations in the North and Far North regions.
  • The project will host the first stakeholder workshop in the North in Garoua at the end of April.