In 2001, USAID created the West Africa Regional Program headquartered in Bamako, Mali. This program worked on regional issues supported through a regional approach. It provided capacity building support for the Economic Community of West African States, and support to the West African Power Pool project. In 2003, headquarters moved to Accra, Ghana, and it was renamed USAID’s West Africa mission.

USAID programming in the region is tackling critical issues including:

Food Security

USAID in partnership with West African governments and regional institutions works to improve the policy environment to facilitate changes in the agricultural sector and disseminate best practices and technologies regionally.

Natural Resource Management

USAID promotes the sound management and viable utilization of West Africa’s natural resources by enhancing regional environmental policy and planning, and productivity of natural resources.

Trade and Investment in Infrastructure

USAID supports two regional trade hubs, the expansion of economic and social infrastructure to reduce business costs, and the improvement of a legal and regulatory environment to attract investment, promote trade, and reduce poverty.

Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation

USAID is enhancing the regional capacity of civil society and regional organizations to address conflict; ameliorate some of the causes and consequences of conflict; and further strategic cross-border U.S. Government priorities, such as combating extremism, corruption, and trafficking.


USAID responds to shared health problems in the region by working with public sector institutions and developing networks of competent, non-governmental organizations to coordinate national and regional interventions to address malaria, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, child survival, infectious diseases and, reinforce regional and selected national programs.