USAID Brings Efficiency to Social Security Procedures for Vietnamese Businesses

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vietnam is currently trying to reform social security contributions procedures to improve its business environment. On September 28, USAID’s Governance for Inclusive Growth Program and the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), one of Vietnam’s leading economic think-tanks, invited government and business representatives to a consultative workshop. The purpose of this gathering was to collect information on the challenges facing businesses in complying with social security contributions and payments. CIEM will summarize the feedback and recommended reforms as part of its quarterly assessment report to the Prime Minister on the implementation of Resolution 19, a policy that mandates continued efforts by Vietnamese ministries to improve the business and investment environment in Vietnam.  So What? As USAID works with Vietnam to improve its legal and regulatory framework, reducing the cost and time to make social security contributions will improve the ease of doing business and enhance private sector competitiveness.