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Youth Leaders Tunisia Work for a New Generation

Transferring political energy into voter participation is a challenge for post-revolution Tunisia. Future elections are an opportunity for a new generation of Tunisians to make their voices heard, but only if they cast their votes.

Bloggers share experiences at training.

Before and after the Tunisian Revolution in December 2010, bloggers played a critical role in information disseminationspreading news, ideas and accounts of human rights violations.

Trainees in the SBDC program conduct a mock consulting case between an SBDC and a financial institution.

In the country where the Arab Awakening began in 2010, a new generation of Tunisian business leaders, with help from American partners, is building the critical skills to again lead the region. But this time, the focus is on economic development, job creation and small business formation.

Akram Tray, marketing and sales manager of Slama Huiles a Tunis-based olive oil producer:

USAID-supported programs work with local entrepreneurs and invest in the small and medium enterprises that are the engines of sustainable job creation in Tunisia.

Job Training, ICT Sector, Manufacturing, Jobs

USAID assistance enabled Plastic Electromechanic Company (PEC) to boost efficiency on its main manufacturing floor and newer facilities by identifying specific measurable improvement goals and setting targets for dozens of manufacturing chain elements—a strategy modeled after international best practice.