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Tunisia ICT Sector

Wassel Berrayana, director of a company called Proxym-IT, credits his unorthodox hiring policy—recruiting fresh college graduates­—with fueling his firm’s rapid growth. Whereas many Tunisian employers shy away from recent graduates’ lack of experience, Berrayana sees it as a source of initiative and creativity.

Career center opening at the University of Gafsa

It was still early on a Friday morning at the University of Gafsa, in southwestern Tunisia, but it was easy to spot the newly opened campus career center by a throng of enthusiastic students crowding by its doors. Dozens came to attend the opening ceremony on May 3, 2013, despite hectic end-of-the-year schedules. Within two hours, 70 students had signed in.

Three Tunisian graduates offered full-time jobs after successfully completing USAID professional training in Sousse, Tunisia.

Houwayda*, 26, who graduated last spring from the National School of Engineering in Sousse, Tunisia, recently received a special opportunity from a prospective employer, Proxym-IT, to polish her interpersonal skills in a USAID-supported course.