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The USAID policy for Unsolicited Proposals for contracts can be found in ADS Chapter 302, USAID Direct Contracting, section 302.3.4.2. Consult Guidelines for Submitting Unsolicited Contract Proposals for further information.

Guidance on unsolicited grants and cooperative agreements is provided in ADS Chapter 303, Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Non-Governmental Organizations, section 303.3.5.5, “Unsolicited Concept Papers and Applications.” Learn more about "the USAID Grant and Contract Process: A Basic Guide"  here. 

Unsolicited requests are those submitted to USAID for an award by an applicant solely on his or her initiative, without prior formal or informal solicitation by USAID.

Download the complete documentation here.


La politique de l’USAID relative aux Offres non sollicitées figure dans le règlement ADS Chapter 302, Attribution des Contrats  de l’USAID, section 302.3.4.2. Pour en savoir plus, consulter les Instructions pour soumettre des propositions d’offres non sollicitées (Guidelines for Submitting Unsolicited Contract Proposals).


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