January 2014 – January 2015

Implementing partner: 
World Health Organization
Key Partners:
Ministry of Health of KR

Activity Locations: 

Activity Overview

The goal of the project is to improve stewardship and governance of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and national bodies to increase efficiency and equitable access to services that prevent and control TB and M/XDR-TB in Kyrgyzstan.

Impact and Achievements

Key objectives are:

  • Strengthening technical and managerial capacity of the National Tuberculosis Program (NTP)
  • Improving programmatic management of drug resistant TB and TB/HIV co-infection
  • Improvement of epidemiological surveillance

The project builds the results-based management capacity of NTP and MOH, supports the NTP in development and effective implementation of a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, and assists in updating the TOR and job descriptions of relevant NTP and MOH staff.  In addition, the project will assist the NTP in the development of a comprehensive advocacy and communication campaign.

Within the project, WHO will organize quarterly interagency coordinating meetings to share information on the status of national and international assistance to TB control. Overall direction and coordination of the project is provided through the WHO Regional Office in Copenhagen, Denmark and management is through the WHO Country Office.

Project activities include technical support through directly seconding staff to the NTP and MOH, technical assistance, and logistical and administrative support as needed.