August 2011- September 2014

Implementing Partner:
KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation

Key Partners:
National TB program

Activity Locations:

The USAID TB CARE I program, implemented in Kyrgyzstan by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, is designed to assist the Kyrgyz Republic in implementation of the National Tuberculosis Program and provides assistance in the following technical areas: universal access to care, laboratory quality, infection control, programmatic management of drug-resistant tuberculosis and monitoring and evaluation. Key interventions include updating TB control policies to be in line with modern international standards, building the capacity of local care providers to deliver a high quality of care, and providing mentoring and supervisory support to partners in the application of effective modern TB control practices nationwide.

TB CARE I has supported the following interventions:

  • Development of the National TB Program for 2013-2016
  • Introduction of expanded outpatient TB care in Bishkek
  • Strengthening coordination between prison and general TB services 
  • Development of the National Laboratory Plan, National GeneXpert Strategy and National Maintenance Guideline for Laboratory Equipment 
  • Development of National infection control Guidelines with instructions. Development of Guidelines on drug resistant TB and TB in Children
  • Development of regulations on palliative care for TB patients
  • Revision of the TB recording and reporting system in accordance with the latest WHO definitions
  • Improvement of infection control practices in TB facilities
  • Development of the Monitoring and Evaluation plan for the National TB Program for 2013-2016 
  • Strengthening capacity of local analysts on TB related Operational Research 

The USAID TB CARE I program contributes to establishing collaboration and coordination mechanism among all partners involved in TB control, efficiently mobilizing available capital and human resources to fight this disease in the Kyrgyz Republic.