Reading Together

The project covers nearly 265,000 primary school students
The project covers nearly 265,000 primary school students.
USAID/Kyrgyz Republic

Duration: July 2013 – June 2017

Implementing Partner: American Institutes for Research & Save the Children

Key Partners: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, and Kyrgyz Academy of Education in the Kyrgyz Republic 

Activity Locations: Kyrgyz Republic

USAID’s Reading Together project is designed to improve the reading skills of early grades (1-4) students through introducing new teaching methods and raising awareness in communities about the importance of reading.



USAID Reading Together uses multi-faceted and systematic approach beginning with the development of reading standards for each grade and preparation of training packages and training teachers, parents, and community representatives to improve the reading environment. The project works with institutes, schools, communities and private sector to provide in-service teacher training. Faculty and staff development at local institutions, in addition to school-based training of teachers, ensures that local governments are prepared to sustain and scale-up the project’s proven practices and approaches. USAID is also helping to strengthen family reading practices through outreach events and campaigns.

Under the project, USAID also promotes consistent data collection, analysis, and decision-making with local partners using the Early Grade Reading Assessment tool. In the Kyrgyz Republic USAID bolsters government efforts to strengthen teaching and learning in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.

The project works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.


  • The project activities covered 1,350 schools throughout the country with an approximately 265,000 primary school students.
  • USAID developed competency-based minimum requirements for reading skills in partnership with the Kyrgyz Academy of Education.
  • The project developed training materials that were approved by Academic Council of the Kyrgyz Academy of Education.
  • More than 10,000 primary school teachers from all over the country completed the 72-hour training course and received Kyrgyz Academy of Educations’ and regional training institutions’ certificates.
  • More than 264,000 books in Kyrgyz language were purchased and will be distributed to the public secondary schools of the country in 2017.
  • Under the project, USAID conducted three rounds of early grade reading assessment in partnership with the National Testing Center. The results will be used in policy planning by all relevant actors. The final assessment will be held in April 2017.
  • According to the midterm evaluation basic reading skills of the primary school students in the targeted schools improved significantly compared with the control schools.
  • A number of schools, public and school based libraries, and communities received support in development and use of reading materials for different age groups.
  • Primary school classes took part in over 1,400 reading camps and other extracurricular activities aimed at promoting reading.
  • Around 7,200 teachers, librarians, community members successfully completed training to conduct activities for the development of a culture of reading in families, schools, and communities.
  • Six public libraries are equipped with a reading corner and playing materials in the framework of "Magic Box" initiative in partnership with public library named after K.Baialinov.
  • 23 teachers from Bishkek and Osh schools for children with sight problems took part in five-day training on Reading methodologies and IT technologies.