HIV Investment Approach

Duration: October 2012 – September 2017

Budget: $200,000

Implementing Partner: UNAIDS

Activity Locations: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan

UNAIDS rolled out investment frameworks in Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Kazakhstan to help those countries to design and budget for national HIV programs that focus on the most impactful interventions, address inefficiencies in programs, and allow for better analysis of total cost and impact.


In a global climate where donor funding is decreasing for HIV-related activities, maximizing national HIV spending as well as donor resources is essential. This activity applies evidence-based strategic information to promote more efficient allocation of HIV resources.

The project focuses on these key areas:

  • Justification of more rational resource allocation based on country epidemiology and context;
  • Prioritization of the most effective programmatic activities implementation;
  • Assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic Government to focus its efforts on investments that work, and at a scale that will make difference;
  • Promotion of value for money by demonstrating efficiency in the allocation and use of resources;
  • Increasing of efficiency in HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programming;
  • Focusing of the Government’s efforts and development partners on ensuring predictable funding to enhance the sustainability of critical HIV interventions.


  • Regional high level meeting on HIV Investment approach was conducted in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in May 2014 with participation of representatives of the Kyrgyz Parliament, Governmental Office, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance;
  • Regional workshop for key national partners on Investment case development was conducted in Yerevan, Armenia, at November 2014 with participation of representatives of the National AIDS Centre, Ministry of Finance National Statistic Committee;
  • National round table was conducted in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, in December 2014 for discussion of NASA report and draft of Investment Case report with participation of about 40 representatives from governmental, non-governmental and international organizations;
  • NASA Report (National AIDS Spending Assessment) is developed;
  • Investment Case Report was developed and presented to the national partners.
  • The outcomes of the IC report are the basis for the country to develop the next HIV policy and country transition plan to domestic funding.