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ACF loan officers share their skills to help clients evaluate energy efficiency

Homeowners in rural Kazakhstan with limited savings or credit history had few options to borrow money from commercial banks for home improvement projects, including those to improve energy efficiency.

Kazakhstan’s most energy-intensive companies attended hands-on energy management workshops

USAID is helping Central Asia to reduce greenhouse gas intensity and emissions by stimulating investments in energy efficiency technologies and programs.

USAID helped Yassy build an irrigation system and repair wells to benefit local citizens

The Yassy community near the city of Turkistan in Southern Kazakhstan, has been swelling in size as urban residents migrate out of the city, displacing farmers, many of whom no longer have access to reliable irrigation. Mounting tensions eased after USAID helped Yassy build an irrigation system to benefit local farmers.

Bolat Alipov, owner of the Alipov-T farm near Almaty, in southern Kazakhstan, enjoys the higher yields from his farm.

The vast majority of farms in Kazakhstan lack the modern knowhow to operate as effectively and efficiently. With the fall of the Soviet Union, most of the collective farms were split into small, privately owned units that cannot afford agricultural specialists, quality inputs, or modern equipment. Farms are still operated as they were at the beginning of the last century.