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Kazakhstan 2016
With the support of USAID, ten media specialists representing five independent media outlets from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan gathered in Almaty for a seven-day training on the production of a series of special reports called “Heroes Among Us.”

Since gaining independence 25 years ago, Kazakhstan has developed Central Asia’s largest economy. However, it still faces challenges stemming from the Soviet era, including inefficient industries, deteriorating land and water quality, limited media activity, low civic participation in governance, and a costly and ineffective medical system. USAID helps improve health services, increase civic engagement, diversity the economy, and strengthen natural resource management. USAID is also sharing its experience with Kazakhstan as it moves to establish it owns development agency.


USAID partners with the Government of Kazakhstan to improve prevention, care and treatment services for infectious diseases like HIV and TB. As a result of a successful pilot project in which USAID introduced four American rapid testing machines that diagnose multidrug-resistant TB in hours instead of weeks, the Government of Kazakhstan is now expanding the use of this technology nationwide. USAID also supports expanded outpatient treatment, which plays a vital role in preventing transmission.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

With USAID’s support, Kazakhstan has developed a community of civil society organizations that provide critical services to the population. USAID assistance contributed to the Kazakh government recognizing the importance of a solid legal foundation to ensure access to information and inviting civil society to collaborate on drafting the legislation (now law). Current USAID initiatives include countering human trafficking, supporting human rights defenders, developing local media outlets and assisting the Supreme Court in improving managerial and administrative capacity.

Trade and Natural Resource Management

USAID supports the Kazakh government’s efforts to diversify its economy and increase regional business and trade connections. USAID developed a simplified customs system for Kazakhstan that saves time and money and enhances trade corridors between Central and South Asia. USAID helps strengthen Kazakhstan’s green energy policies, improve energy efficiency, increase renewable energy supply and address climate change concerns. We also work with Kazakhstani and regional non-governmental organizations to sustainably manage shared rivers.