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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

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Kazakhstan voter education
Staff from a USAID partner organization in northern Kazakhstan distribute voter education materials to citizens of “Yakor” village.
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Corruption remains a significant issue in Kazakhstan, and accountable and transparent government processes are not yet well established. The media, political institutions, civil society, and the judiciary are at varying stages of development and are weak in comparison with the Government’s executive branch. Developing a more pluralistic political power structure will be key to this maturing country’s ability to prosper.

USAID’s programs in Kazakhstan help build a democratic culture by supporting civil society, increasing access to information, strengthening citizen initiative groups, promoting an independent judiciary, and encouraging the protection of human rights. USAID also brings civil society organizations together with the Government of Kazakhstan to form partnerships that are working to implement reforms that will bring about real change in a variety of areas—including human rights and rule of law.


  • Significant increase in access for citizens and media to court proceedings, thus increasing the transparency of court operations and decisions.
  • An almost doubling in the content of Kazakh language television programming by independent, non-state stations.
  • The institutionalization of social procurement systems that ensure government financial support to non-governmental organizations, both at the national and local levels.