Flag of Kazakhstan

Преображая жизни

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Farmers at a demonstration plot in Kostanay

For the last decade, Kazakhstani farmers have suffered from the adverse effect of climate change. Impacts include variable rain patterns and early spring droughts.

Tsesna Astyk’s production facility

The Tsesna Astyk Group of Companies produces high-quality food products from domestic grain. USAID’s Regional Economic Cooperation Project (REC) has been working with Tsesna Astyk since 2012 to help the company meet international production standards.

Kazakhstan entrepreneurs

Squalid living conditions and social inequality in western Kazakhstan, against a backdrop of highly-profitable oil and gas extraction operations, has been inciting public tensions and dissatisfaction with the government and oil companies. Lack of effective dialogue between communities, civil society, government bodies and large commercial investors has added to the tensions.

 MDR-TB guideline

Каzakhstan is among the world’s 27 high-burden countries for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). Almost one in five new TB cases are MDR-TB, and half of all returning patients who had previously been treated for TB have since contracted MDR-TB.

USAID training in Kazakhstan to help diversify local economies

July 2014—Because monotowns—towns dominated by a single factory or industry—are vulnerable to economic disruptions, Kazakhstan is working to diversify its local economies.