Kenya Annual Report 2016

USAID supports the GOK and county governments to improve access to quality health services by strengthening aspects of the Kenyan health system, including human resource management and training, financing and the supply and management of critical commodities such as drugs and medical equipment. USAID also supports the Ministry of Health to strengthen its health information system and to carry out surveys on the health status of Kenyans, such as the Demographic and Health Survey, to better direct programs and investments where they are most needed.

The devolution of health services from the national level to counties presents opportunities to more effectively manage resources. To help county health leaders and workers meet the growing supply chain responsibilities that come with a devolved government, USAID is training health workers to make accurate estimates of needed product quantities, to determine how much to procure and when and to appropriately store, track and dispense medications. These skills contribute to uninterrupted access to HIV, malaria and tuberculosis (TB) medicines and reproductive health items. Nearly 2,600 health workers received training in 2016.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 9:30am