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Cambodia has made great progress after 20 years of rebuilding from decades of civil war; yet, many challenges remain. USAID works with Cambodian and international partners on a range of programs benefitting all Cambodians. These include strengthening democratic governance and human rights; improving health and nutrition, education and child development; fighting human trafficking; alleviating poverty; increasing agricultural production and food security; conserving forests and watersheds; and helping both farmers and households adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change.


Under the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future and Global Climate Change Initiatives, USAID has helped more than 150,000 families earn higher incomes and reduce malnutrition through improved farming practices, use of quality seeds, supplies and credit and increased market access. USAID helps farmers, agribusinesses and forest communities use tools and skills that reduce vulnerability to natural disasters, conserve watersheds and protect forests–all increasingly important with the changing climate.


USAID works with civil society and the Cambodian Government to promote human rights, protect civil liberties, involve women and youth in the political process and fight human trafficking. USAID has helped increase citizen engagement with the government on land disputes, labor rights, human trafficking and good governance. In 2016, USAID increased the number of public-private partnerships including a partnership with Microsoft to provide digital literacy to populations vulnerable to human trafficking.


USAID works to improve maternal and child health, strengthen health systems and reduce the threat of infectious diseases including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis. With USAID support, 30 percent of Cambodians now have access to more efficient and improved health services and one million children will learn to read through more effective teaching and improved quality of education.