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Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

Prior to Zambia's 2016 National Elections, with support from USAID, Martin Luther King III was in Lusaka
Prior to Zambia's 2016 National Elections, with support from USAID, Martin Luther King III was in Lusaka at the invitation of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) taking part in various programs promoting peaceful elections.
Photo: Chando Mapoma / USAID Zambia

Zambia has had a record of democratic and free elections and peaceful transitions of power, but there remains a need to promote better governance and reinforce democratic practices.  Reforms are required to ensure an independent judiciary and an effective legislature, creating checks and balances that can counter corruption and lack of transparency.  USAID activities deepen the country's democratic tradition by encouraging citizen participation, strengthening civil society, advancing respect for human rights, expanding voter rolls, and supporting better election monitoring.  We also promote improved governance practices that ensure efficient and effective delivery of basic public services for the welfare of all.  

USAID's democracy, human rights and governance activities operate both locally, at the district level, and country-wide through a variety of stakeholders, including multiple branches of government, traditional chiefs and village leaders, civil society organizations, and everyday citizens.


For the national elections that took place in August 2016, USAID provided assistance to promote candidate pools that better reflected constituencies, focused political party campaigning on policy not personality, and, most importantly, incorporated trusted voting procedures.  Our activities empowered women in politics, demonstrated data-driven campaigning and messaging, and endeavoured to protect the credibility and accuracy of the general elections through electoral oversight.  We are also an integral part of the U.S. interagency mission, which joined the international effort in support of Zambia’s democratic tradition, and provided financial and election monitoring support.


We catalyze stronger citizen participation and more responsive governance.  Our activities help citizens engage productively with government departments on public services, strengthen strategic partnerships with civil society organizations, and bridge the gap between citizen and legislator.  This support amplifies the voices of citizens and encourages government to be more accessible, accountable, and transparent. 


  • Fostering Accountability and Transparency
  • Enhancing Engagement between Citizens and Legislators
  • Zambia Elections and Political Processes
  • Zambia Women’s Political Leadership
  • Strengthening the Zambian Election Results Transmission System
  • Strengthening Justice Delivery in Zambia 
  • Human Rights Government to Government Agreement