Fellows Programs

USAID has fellowship programs in a variety of technical areas including global health, democracy promotion, science and technology, and women’s rights.   USAID Fellows generally spend one or two years working in Washington, D.C., or in USAID missions around the world.  They provide technical assistance and advice on USAID programs, write research papers, develop evaluation strategies and methods, and complete other tasks that enhance USAID’s operations in the sector. 

USAID benefits from the innovative ideas, energy, and state-of-the-art technical knowledge Fellows bring. Fellows also add to the diversity of our workforce by offering a broad set of expertise that complements USAID’s existing staff profile.

Fellowship participants enhance their knowledge of government and global issues and obtain valuable professional experience that enriches their careers and the organizations to which they return.  The Fellows obtain a wealth of experience through on-the-job training, rotations, shadowing, and formal training opportunities. 

By working in USAID the Fellows gain:

  • Practical work experience in humanitarian assistance, economic, and social development
  • Opportunity to engage directly in solving the most challenging and critical development issues of our time
  • Exposure to a broad network of development institutions and actors
  • Additional career choices and possibilities for advancement


Fellows work directly with a USAID mentor to oversee their work during their fellowship. Together, the mentor and the fellow will develop a work plan to guide the Fellow’s performance objectives and professional development throughout the fellowship.

Fellowship Requirements

Each Fellowship Program has its own professional experience and education requirements.  Each Fellowship vacancy announcement also has more specific requirements particular to the position. Some may also require foreign language fluency. 

In general, to qualify for a USAID fellowship, you must have:

  • Superior analytical skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Cross-cultural skill and experience

Applying for a Fellowship

To apply for a USAID fellowship click on the links for the particular program on the USAID Fellows Programs homepage: