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Following Ukraine’s independence and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine began a period of transition toward a market economy and participatory democracy. In 1992, USAID signed a bilateral agreement on humanitarian, economic and technical cooperation with Ukraine to help the country develop its economic, political and societal potential. USAID and the Ukrainian government identified three strategic objectives: to create a broad-based market economy; to help build a participatory democratic political system; and to assist in social sector reforms to ease the difficulties of transition, particularly among the most vulnerable members of society. Thus, began a 20-year partnership that has endured, animated by the belief that by working together we can forge a secure and prosperous future for all Ukrainians.

Working with a wide array of partners, USAID has helped establish a vibrant and independent media, an active civil society, and a broader entrepreneurial class. USAID assistance helped put 1.8 million land titles into the hands of private farmers and created a legal aid network for landowners; supported the most vulnerable in society – the young, the elderly and the infirm; and has been at the forefront of Ukraine’s fight against tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, as well as improving maternal and infant health. USAID has worked to better the business climate and draw foreign investment by supporting Ukraine’s efforts to reduce unnecessary government regulations, supported pension reform, increased the development of the financial sector and improved energy efficiency to reduce the country’s dependency on imported energy resources. No less important, USAID has implemented special initiatives to fight corruption and the illegal cross-border trafficking of persons. USAID is committed to its partnership with Ukraine in its quest to create a more stable, democratic and prosperous country for all Ukrainians.